Sunday, October 27, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2 not loading in Android - fixed for Samsung S2

Plants vs zombies 2 is great fun, not sold on the microtransactions but then you don't have to be. Not so much fun when it won't load. Thankfully a little tinkering allowed a install that fixed the problem for me. Note this may not hold for all devices, especially if it never worked to start with.


Battery low, crazy amount of peas on screen with multiple 'Threpeaters'. Doing first challenge star on level 7. Have 13 stars plus all base levels of pirates complete. Game freezes. Have to restart phone. Load game, PopCap loading screen for a good minute, then drop to home screen. Never progresses to EA loading screen or music. Continues to fail to home screen after PopCap loading screen.


  • Tried reinstalling from google play, no joy. But noticed not actually downloading as too fast.
  • Searched on internet, few things on syncing for iOS and lots of nexus 7 and S2 on android having similar problems with no fix.
  • Decided to search for any spare files by hooking up to PC.
  • Location of two folders with likely suspects:
    1. Phone\Android\data\
    2. Phone\Android\obb\
  • Uninstalled pvz2 app again then deleted both of those folders above on the phone via PC.
  • Reinstalled pvz2 app via google play
  • Loaded game - it works!
  • Clicked on 'google+' sign in bottom left - all achievements intact
  • Loaded up profile, no loss of save data.
So there you go, hope that helps some of you out there. Let me know in the comments if any ideas why this happens. I suspect you would need to have set up your google+ account to keep your saves intact but unconfirmed.

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Danny said...

Trying exactly this now, found those folders after removing the app, downloading now. Will update once installed. Thankyou in advance.

Solar said...

Thanks for reading Danny. Been a while since I updated this blog and there have been a few patches since and I've had no problems with them. The main problems I've had have been with large updates and not enough space on my phone. All solved with deleting stuff.

The Esquire said...

I had the same problem as you, however, I have a Samsung galaxy note. I tried hooking it up to my Chromebook but nothing popped up.

Anonymous said...

What about newer versions?

Solar said...

Latest version still working on galaxy S2. Dont know if this fix is still relevant though.